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01 March 2008 @ 09:57 pm
Our new beginning....  
Reese Witherspoon was known for her sweet demeanor, beautiful looks, and her laughter. Joaquin Phoenix on the other hand, wasn’t. He was known for his off putting nature, dark looks, and the hatred of the paprazzi and Hollywood. So who would have ever thought that these two worked together. That they were even remotely interested in each other. It started and ended with love. Thest two for some reason where in love. They loved each other with so much passion, that others like my self where so jeaoulous of the way they looked at each other. Joaquin was the first to make his move. He asked reese out to go see one of his movies. Reese knowing how much Joaquin hated seeing his movies, agreed not because she wanted to see the movie, but because she loved him and by this act of overwhelming love she knew he was the only man she would ever be with and who she would love forever. That was the beginning of the end for Reese and Joaquin.

It was a rainy day, Joaquin was pacing around and around. He couldn’t breath well, he couldn’t think. He was so nervous, he had written things on his hand, to make sure he remembered what to say. He wanted this day to be right. Reese walked up to Joaquin and wrapper her arms around him and smiled from ear to ear.
Reese: I missed you so much baby.
Joaquin: I missed you more than you know
Reese: You okay joaq, you look upset.
Joaquin: Yeah I am just nervous right now.
Reese: What’s wrong?? Tell me
Joaquin knowing that he couldn’t hold back anymore, got the words of his heart

Joaquin: Reese their has been no one in my life that I have loved more than you. You get me, you don’t judge or ask me to be someone I am not. You were the one thata finally saw me. I hate every second where not together. Every moment apart, is like dying. I love you reese, I need you. Please heal a broken heart, and say you’ll be mine

Joaquin got down on his knees, and handed reese a blue sapphire ring. Tears came rolling down Reese’s Cheeks. She knew, she knew in that instant what her answer would be….

Reese: YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!
She jumped into joaquins arms and they kissed.
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magmae309magmae309 on March 4th, 2008 05:08 am (UTC)
Oh I should have came here two days ago!!.I love it Aston,I can't wait for chapter 2!!.