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03 January 2009 @ 05:17 pm
[13] Bonnie Wright
[25] Bryce Dallas Howard
[20] Gossip Girl Quotes
[38] Juno
[29] Prison Break
[14] Sarah Michelle Gellar
[53] Terminator: Salvation
[23] Walk The Line


H E R E @ forblueskys 
02 January 2009 @ 07:50 pm

Joaquin is on the right.

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29 October 2008 @ 09:28 am
It seems Joaquin has decided he no longer wants to be a part of the film industry and is moving on to focus on his music. The actor, 34, officially announced his retirement from Hollywood yesterday.

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05 October 2008 @ 10:31 pm

He just laughed at her. She made him feel crazy, but yet at the same time whole. It was like the leak and hole in his heart was finally healed. Joaquin turned to Reese and knew that this was it. This was his life.


As the two stars stepped out onto the carpet, flashbulbs went off left and right.

“Joaquin, Reese look this way”, yelled the eight million photographers.

Joaquin grabbed Reese's tiny hand, and helped her out of the limo. Reese immediately fell into Joaquin’s arms. This was all she needed. She needed him, and he needed her to make it through the endless line of questions these reporters had. Joaquin kissed Reese’s cheek and lead her to face the wolves.


Billy Bush: “So how long have you guys been dating

Reese: “Umm well its kind of something private don’t you think.”

Joaquin: “Actually honey we have been together for ages; we just have been fooling these smart people.” Joaquin clinched Reese’s hand and they both laughed at how befuddled Billy was. If he only could have known that these two have laughed each other since their lives where put into place. God had a plan for these two, and they finally got that.

Billy: “ So Joaquin I know you are not very happy to be in the media, or to talk about anything personal, so how does it feel to have so much publicity around you and Reese being a couple?”

Joaquin grinned ear to ear and kissed Reese’s head.

Joaquin: “Well I haven’t been silent about my disregard about this machine that Hollywood can be, but I have grown up and I have also found something that makes me want to show the world what I feel.”

Joaquin looked down at Reese, as if to say I did it for you. Its all for you.

Reese silently shed a tear of hope and happiness. She had finally had peace, and true love.

Reese: “And may I add to that, it also helps that the woman he is with is a knockout.”

Joaquin:” So true baby”

Billy: “So last question, when will we see a wedding for you two?”

They both laughed and knew immediately, that it was soon, sooner than most would think.

Reese: “Well we will phone you and let you be the first to know.”

Billy: “I hold you to that.”

Joaquin and Reese left giggling all the way. They had done it. They had endured their first press line together.



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04 August 2008 @ 08:08 pm
There is some pain in love that never leaves. It sucks your soul in and it kills everything in its path. This pain is loneliness. Being in a crowd of hundreds you can still feel it. Its like living your whole life with out air. Reese felt this every day. Joaquin felt it too. They both had known pain and unhappiness. Reese was going through a very public and messy divorce. Headlines rang out “Did Ryan cheat on Reese?” Joaquin lost his brother in such a public and awful way. Friends, family , and loved ones tried to comfort each one. But no words no gifts could heal the pain in a heart that’s broken. These two grew close during walk the line. Whenever Joaquin felt himself drowning into his work, Reese was their to bale him out. She was their to set him free from all the pain and the demons of the past. When Reese felt insecure or when she got too bullheaded Joaquin was their to joke and make her smile. They became friends and partners in crime. After all the awards and all the accolades, they walked away. But something stayed inside both of them. They could never understand it. Joaquin tried to be with other women, and other models. But he compared them to Reese. Reese tried seeing other stars, and actors. But none made them her feel whole like Joaquin. She say another costar. She was happy, but like Johnny and june you can only deny love for so long. But unlike john and june, these two didn’t need a few years to realized this. No, it only took three years, to finally realize that the person they loved the most, was each other. It wasn’t till The Oscars that things started finally happening for these two.

28 April 2008 @ 09:32 pm
Our love…

We weren’t suppose to be. We were not the ideal couple, according to Hollywoods “standards.” He was a rebel, a dark haired, pain in my butt. She was a blue eyed, feisty, blonde. We meet at a time in our lives when we were going through the rough spots in our lives. He was stuggling with addiction, I was struggling with a pain in my marriage. But when we came together, our hearts joined. But if you ask us, our heart were joined long before that. When god put us on the earth, our heart were no longer ours. We were on a crash course to meet and fall in love with each other. We tried to stop it!! Trust me. We were seprated for four years. But love, it never leaves you. We found each other at an awards show again. Just one look, just one touch, just one moment and we knew. We knew that this was it. I knew I loved her from the moment she said Joaquin. I knew I loved him from the moment he said Reese. No our love it is not perfect. We fight, we love, we kiss, we hug. But like the song says, “COME WHAT MAY I WILL LOVE YOU TILL MY DYING DAY.” She makes me fill whole. She healed a heart that was broken. She made me finally settle down, and become the man I knew and she knew I could be. He finally saw me, the real me. Not the funny pretty starlet. The southern belle, that’s what people called me. But in his eyes I was the kind, dedicate mother, and the woman who loved him. I saw in him what he saw in me. A lifelong companion, and a lifelong friend, lover, and the rock we both needed in each other. Our children will one day read our story about how we came together. I hope they laugh, but see how we overcame the worlds pressure to not let us be together. Everyone laughed and said we were just costars. We meant nothing to each other. We had lovers come in and out of our lives all the time. But yet, they couldn’t see the love. The dedication. BUT they didn’t see what god had seen so many years ago. It is said that love is a strong, and hard force to fight. And how true that is. No matter what they say, we are, and will be together forever. Marriage doesn’t last around Hollywood long. BUT they don’t know us. They don’t know they way he looks at me. They don’t know they was she stands up for me. They don’t know us. Nor will they. I will protect her forever. I will protect our children, and I will protect this family. I will protect him, and I will hold his hand and guide him through life. We are Joaquin and Reese Phoenix. Our love is…… And it will always be. DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON US!! We are together.
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20 April 2008 @ 06:43 pm
a new fan video for johnny and june. 
set to 'thats where it is' by carrie underwood.
let me know if you like it :]

01 March 2008 @ 09:57 pm
Reese Witherspoon was known for her sweet demeanor, beautiful looks, and her laughter. Joaquin Phoenix on the other hand, wasn’t. He was known for his off putting nature, dark looks, and the hatred of the paprazzi and Hollywood. So who would have ever thought that these two worked together. That they were even remotely interested in each other. It started and ended with love. Thest two for some reason where in love. They loved each other with so much passion, that others like my self where so jeaoulous of the way they looked at each other. Joaquin was the first to make his move. He asked reese out to go see one of his movies. Reese knowing how much Joaquin hated seeing his movies, agreed not because she wanted to see the movie, but because she loved him and by this act of overwhelming love she knew he was the only man she would ever be with and who she would love forever. That was the beginning of the end for Reese and Joaquin.

It was a rainy day, Joaquin was pacing around and around. He couldn’t breath well, he couldn’t think. He was so nervous, he had written things on his hand, to make sure he remembered what to say. He wanted this day to be right. Reese walked up to Joaquin and wrapper her arms around him and smiled from ear to ear.
Reese: I missed you so much baby.
Joaquin: I missed you more than you know
Reese: You okay joaq, you look upset.
Joaquin: Yeah I am just nervous right now.
Reese: What’s wrong?? Tell me
Joaquin knowing that he couldn’t hold back anymore, got the words of his heart

Joaquin: Reese their has been no one in my life that I have loved more than you. You get me, you don’t judge or ask me to be someone I am not. You were the one thata finally saw me. I hate every second where not together. Every moment apart, is like dying. I love you reese, I need you. Please heal a broken heart, and say you’ll be mine

Joaquin got down on his knees, and handed reese a blue sapphire ring. Tears came rolling down Reese’s Cheeks. She knew, she knew in that instant what her answer would be….

Reese: YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!
She jumped into joaquins arms and they kissed.
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01 March 2008 @ 09:57 pm

heres a new video i made.
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10 January 2008 @ 04:56 pm
I uploaded one of my older videos that was deleated. 
hope you guys enjoy. :] 

Johnny&June: I Just Cant Live A Lie

:-] :-]