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05 January 2008 @ 02:07 am
When You're Gone

Title:When You're Gone

"I always needed time on my own.
I never thought I'd need you there
when I cried."

Reese and Jake was taking the kids hiking,But
sadly Reese had her mind on something else.

"Is he doing fine?.I wonder how he Is doing on
his new movie."

Reese shook her head from the thoughts.Ever since
Walk the Line,She couldn't get him out of her
mind.And It seems like now It has gotten worse.

Reese looked back at Jake,And what scared her was that
she saw Joaquin with Deacon,Not Jake.

Reese quickly turned away and squeezed Ava's hand.

"It won't go away."

An hour later they were finally back too the car.
As Jake was shutting the car trunk,Reese stood there
staring at the ground.

"You okay?."

Reese was thankful that she had her glasses on.

"Yeah!.Why wouldn't I be?."

Reese forced a laugh and quickly got Inside
the car.While driving on the way home,Reese
silently had tears falling down.

Joaquin took a drink of his hot coffee and stared
at his worst nightmare,A magazine featuring a picture
of Reese and Jake.He thought he would forget her after
Walk the Line-oh how he was so wrong.

He couldn't hardly get her out of his mind when they
wrapped everything up,Even now.

He felt even more empty and hollow now since they
never talk or see each other.

"Joaquin!,Time to film!."

Joaquin threw his cigeratte and the magazine

As Joaquin was doing a scene with Gwyneth Paltrow,
All he saw was Reese.Joaquin Instantly pulled back
and softly said,"Im sorry I can't do this today."

It was 12:00 midnight and Reese was watching
Walk the Line.She missed him so much that she was
watching this.

Reese laughed and cried at certain parts.
After watching the movie,All Reese could think
about was the memories of her and Joaquin.

How they laughed,Being there for one another.
She remeberd when he surprised her on Jay Leno,
And how they hung out afterwards.

But that night,A night she'll never forget,
When he took her Into his arms and told her,
"I'll always be here for you."

Reese began sobbing."He's gone now."

Joaquin watched as the fire kept building
up.he was outside In the woods.He knew It was
cold but he didn't care,He already felt numb all
over...even his heart.

He missed her,Longed,Ached.He remeberd all the
happy moments they had together.He remeberd going
to the Oprah show,Nervous too death,Then that's when
she came backstage too console him.

He smiled sadly as he remeberd what she said too him,
She slowly took his hand and spoke,"I'll be here too
protect and be here for you."

Joaquin slwoly began crying.She was always
protective of him,Always there too lift him up...
but now shes gone.

"Who will lift me up now,Reese."

Joaquin couldn't hold It In no longer,He let
his pain and anguish all out.
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02 January 2008 @ 04:54 am
Hey you guys!

I love that you're keeping up with this community (even more so than me. i'm a terrible mod)

And I just want to say, on December 24 was joaqueese's two year anniversary.

So I wanted to thank all of you guys for keeping the love going!!!

Now, I've kicked around this idea for a while, but I finally decided that it was needed.

I'm going to ask you guys, now, for suggestions on how to make the community more lively!

After all, two years going strong? What's a few more?!

I'll accept anything, icontests(debating), RPF contests, etc. Just drop a comment with a suggestion and I'll look over it!

Thanks you guys.
02 January 2008 @ 03:37 am
I thought withersnixers might like this!.I think it is soo awesome that they
are involved in the same charities.Here is the link.

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01 January 2008 @ 08:43 pm
Here’s to the night we fell in love…

Alright well you know the story of Reese and joaq getting together. But do you know the story of them getting married together forever. Well it was after the Oscars. Everything was going great between Reese and Joaquin. Reese slowly introduced Eva and Deacon to Joaquin. And immediately they loved Joaquin. They called him Joaqey. Joaquin’s heart was so full. He had finally found the love of his life, and he had finally found the wonderful children he was looking for. It was about a year after dating that Reese got a special package in the mail.
Reese: Hey joaq look at this
Joaq walked over to Reese and kissed her neck.
Joaquin: Hey babe what’s up?
Reese: Look at this, it’s a script. It’s a script for a comedy.
Joaquin: Oh you’re going to do another comedy? Great you are awesome in anything!!!!
Reese rolled her eyes
Reese: Wow aren’t we full of tricks today
Joaquin laughed
Joaquin: Hey I can’t help it if I love ya baby
Joaquin kissed Reese with a passion that would make anyone fall to their knees
Reese: Well I kind of have a favor to ask from you
Joaquin looked at Reese with suspicion
Joaquin: Alright what??? You want to go to bed? Bed? Bed? I’m trying to put you into bed??
Reese: Ha ha funny. You know I can’t stand that song
Joaquin: alright what do you want??
Reese: Well, I want you in this movie with me
Joaquin: What? I have never done a comedy really before
Reese: Well, theirs always a beginning for something
Joaquin: I don’t know. I am not good at being funny
Reese kisses joaq and strokes his hair
Reese: Yes, yes you are mister!!!
Joaquin: Alright, so if I was to accept this, what would my part be?
Reese: Well, the movie is going to be about two people who meet and fall in love, but have one problem. Their parents are divorced, and they must visit each parents separately during Christmas. It’s going to be great. Will Ferrell is going to be your brother, and the parents are being played by Robert Duvall, and Susan Sarandon.
Joaquin: I don’t know, you really think I could be good??/
Reese takes Joaquin hand,
Reese: I know it!!!!!!!!
Joaquin: Alright, just promise me one thing.
Reese: Anything
Joaquin: I get to have a make out scene with you
Reese: Well, I’ll try. Ha ha
Joaquin: Good, now let’s get those rug rats of yours

Several months later Joaquin and reese are on set of Four Christmases
Joaquin is in his dressing room pacing back and forth. Can he do this????
Could he really do this movie, could he pull it off. Joaquin phoenix the brooding, actor.

Reese walked in and all his sorrow, all his worry faded away

Reese: Hey baby you okay? We are needed on set
Joaquin grabbed reese and kissed her
Joaquin: Thank you, thank you for being the woman I needed
Reese: WOW!! I will walk in here more
Joaquin grabbed reeses hand and they walked into their future together
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17 December 2007 @ 08:16 pm

i started a facebook community dedicated to these two
04 December 2007 @ 07:20 am

Title:Becoming Cash,Becoming Carter
Summary:They Became John and June

Hope you like it!

They were both sitting on Johnny and June's old
porch-what was odd was that their old rocking chairs
were still here.And they sitting in it.

She noticed he was wearing more black than usual,
and he noticed she was wearing more flower blouses
than she normally does.

While looking at her script,she felt his gaze.


Joaquin smirked and swiftly ran his hand over her choclate

"I like your hair."

Reese smiled.


His sunglasses wereslipping towards his nose.

"Oh yeah."

He said smoothly.If possible her smile only got bigger.

It was on the 4th month of filming,and Joaquin didn't
come out of his trailer.

"Hey,you haven't come out yet."Reese said in concern as
she enterd his trailer.

Joaquin shrugged as he kept playing the guitar.
And it made Reese look at him in complete awe.
He looked just like...Johnny even playing that guitar
like him.

Reese shook her head and sat next to him.

"You...wanna tell me what's wrong?."

Joaquin stopped playing and hung his head sadly.

"I...have never told this to any of my costars before.
But it's my brother."

Joaquin turned his head away trying to hide his tears.
Reese immediately got up and hugged him.And when she
hugged him,he began crying hard.

"Everything is okay.Let everything out."

Reese said soothingly.

And that day just like Johnny did with June,Joaquin
poured out his heart and sorrows to Reese.

Later that day while playing her autoharp,Joaquin
watched her with anticipated love and joy.

It was the 6th month of filming,and her marriage was
falling apart at the same time though,she was growing closer
to Joaquin.

Reese was sitting on her trailer steps,playing her autoharp.

"Hey,Jim wants us in about 10 minutes."

Reesse kept strumming the autoharp,not wanting
him to see her hidden pain.

"What's wrong?."

He asked in concern.Nobody else could see what was
wrong with her...except him.

Now Reese hardly ever lets anyone in her private life,
till now.

"It...It's Ryan.He's cheating."Reese spoke trying
real hard not to cry.

"Damnit Reese."

Joaquin hugged her in comfort.Reese began sobbing.

Now after finishing filming they had to do tons of

Today they was in Johnny and June's house,reporters coming in,
wanting to interview them.

"Too many reporters."

Reese said quitley to Joaquin,peeking from their bedroom.
Joaquin was sitting on the neatly flowerd bed,his guitar
sitting up on the side of the bed.

"Reese,I can't go out there today.I've been depressed and
don't feel really good."

Reese closed the door.

"Don't worry,I understand.I won't let them bother you.

Reese put a gentle hand over his shaky one.
He looked up to see that truthful,loving smile that
he loved.

And juts like that his hand stopped shaking.

"Alright now,I gotta get out there."

Reese let go and walked out.When she went out,she
was bombarded with questions,but one reporter really bugged

"Where is Joaquin?!."

"Now he isn't feeling very good.You ya'll just leave
him alone alright."

Reese spoke defensively.

Just like June did for Johnny,Reese protected Joaquin.

After all the press and reporters were gone,Reese and Joaquin
sat outside on there backporch watching the sun go down.

"Gosh...can't you feel them?."

Reese asked inhaling the air.

"Yes,I really can."

"I better leave,It's almost getting dark."

Before leaving Joaquin stopped her.

"Thanks for sticking up for me today."

He said almost shyly.Reese grinned.

"You're my best friend,I'll help when i can."

Surprisignly,he leaned in and kissed her.

Notice now she is wearing June's old floral dress,
and he is wearing black and still carrying the guitar.

Reese pulled back."I can't do this to my kids,plus i would
be commiting adultery.I'm sorry."

Reese hugged him and kissed his cheek.Like that she left
taking June with her,and he taking John.
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19 November 2007 @ 09:53 pm
God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you……………..

Joaquin paced the hallway of his California house. What was it that was bothering him? His heart was so hollow after walk the line. He couldn’t shake the laughter he had with her. He couldn’t shake the love that is between them. But he had never felt like this before. This feeling was new. He new she felt it too. When he called her to tell her how sorry he was she divorced it was in her voice. The longing to see him. To have him hold her and reassure her that it will all be okay. But it didn’t happen. She left to shoot Rendition, and he left to shoot Reservation Road. Now on the eve of his biggest night in his career, he couldn’t help but kick the feeling that something was about to happen to reunite them, forever.
Reese was prepping her self for the Oscars. She tried on several dresses before she found the one she loved. It was a Red dress by Nina Ricci. When she had it on, the thought of Joaquin raced across her mind. The thought that Joaquin would approve and would love the dress, is part of the reason she wore it. Cause she knew he would be their, to appreciate it. As Reese was getting her hair done, she had sweet memories of her and Joaquin on the set. Laughing, and just being together. They were few moments, but they were enough to fill a lifetime.

Joaquin stepped out the door in his tux, and stepped into the limo. He for some reason decided night to take his mom, or another girl. He felt like this was a night he needed to be alone. After arriving at the Oscars, and walking the red carpet Joaquin sat down in his chair in the shrine auditorium. Nervous about his nomination for Reservation Road, Joaquin didn’t hear the little sweet voice behind him.
“Hey, joaq. I am just so proud for you”
It was his love, Reese. She had on the most spectacular red dress and her beautiful heart shaped face caught Joaquin’s eyes. All of a sudden from nowhere. Feelings of love and forbidden desires took over Joaquin. He took Reese in his arms and just hugged her. Reese didn’t stop him or even fight him. This is what she too had longed for. They hugged each other what seemed like forever. Until reuses manager told her she had to go and do press. Reese kissed Joaquin on the cheek and walked away. Just then Joaquin shed a single tear. It felt like at the same time, he had gained a love, and lost a love.

It had come down to the time of the Best Actor being announced. Joaquin fidgeted in his chair and looked all over for Reese. But she was nowhere to be found. All of a sudden Joaquin looked up and saw Helen Mirren walking to the stage. Joaquin knew it was time.
Helen: Good evening ladies and Gentlemen. And now the award for the men. Best Actor. And the nominees are…..
Helen: and the award goes to…. Joaquin Phoenix for Reservation Road

Joaquin’s head and whole body just seemed like it was in a fog. Everyone was cheering around him and clapping. .But all that he could see was Reese crying a few rows back behind him. Right then and there he knew. He found the right woman. Joaquin walked towards the stage and accepted the award from Helen.
Joaquin: Thank you thank you. Well. What the crud am I doing with this? Wow. Umm first off thank you to our wonderful director, cast, crew and everyone involved in this wonderful movie. Thank you so much. It was truly a great and touching movie to make. I would like to thank my family for their constant support. And finally I want to say this. I fell in love with a girl a few years ago. And I want that girl to know I am still in love with her. She is my beginning and end. She is my soul. I want to wake up in the morning to find her right their next to me. I want my children, to be her children. She is me. And I want you to know no matter what happens I love you Reese.
Joaquin walked off the stage and everyone turned and looked at Reese.
Reese heart was exploding with excitement and fear. She never thought about what made her like Joaquin so much. But it was at the very moment he looked at her and told her he loved her. Was the same moment she realized she loved him. She loved his untidiness, his charm, good looks. And she most importantly loved him. Reese got up and walked towards the back where she knew Joaquin would be. She didn’t know what she was doing. She was so nervous. What would people say?? What would Hollywood say?? What would her family say?? But all that didn’t matter. She wanted him, Joaquin, to know most importantly to know she too loved him. And she didn’t care about what happened, come what may, she wanted him to be with her.
Joaquin was walking down to the press corridor. He was so nervous. What had he just done? He had just told everyone he loved Reese Witherspoon. But at the same time he didn’t care. He wanted her to know. He wanted her. And that’s all that mattered. As he was about to enter the press room, he heard the voice that would forever change his life.
“Joaq, wait”
Reese: Hey, so wow. Congrats first off
Joaq: Yeah, thanks.
Reese: Um so did you mean it
Joaq: Every word. I have loved you since before I can remember. Yeah you drive me nuts, with trying to be perfect. But I love that about you. You are a great mom, woman, and you’re my best friend.
Reese: Joaq, I have waited for a man like you my whole life. I too have loved you. I love you. I love you
Joaq led reese into his arms and held her. Reese was crying
Reese: no matter what road we go, we go together right??
Joaq: Yes. No matter what.
Joaq dropped his Oscar and kissed Reese with all of his heart. Reese gave her heart and soul to joaq.

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12 November 2007 @ 11:14 pm

So my old account was deleated with all my videos so im starting to upload them again.
Please enjoy viewing them and rate n leave comments <33 
hope ya'll enjoyyyy

Johnny & June: You Save Me

Joaquin & Reese:  Oh Love

Johnny & June: Wasted

More to come <333

05 November 2007 @ 06:18 pm

"Why won't you marry me?."
Joaquin asked softly,running a hand over Reese's swollen belly.
Reese sighed and finished Ava,and Deacon's lunch."Joaquin...I
don't know you would never understand."Joaquin scoffed and put
his arms around her,from behind."Baby,we are finally together,and I've
changed for you.Tell me what's holding you back."Joaquin whisperd
against her head,he was taking in her scent.

After finishing Deacon's sandwhich,Reese leaned back into
Joaquin's embrace."Maybe it's me honey,I'm still afraid of...
being hurt.And I'm always going to doubt you being faithful
and your drinking ways."Joaquin closed his eyes,so really
she was saying that she couldn't trust him.That hurt...but
he couldn't blame her either,she was hurt by Ryan and she even
doubted Jake when he was with Jennifer Aniston...but she kept

on dating him anyway,then after awhile he himself showed up in her life
again and now look where him and Reese are at now-together living with
her two children and another one on the way."Reese...damnit look how long
we have been together.I love you,and i will not hurt you.You keep me grounded."

Joaquin turned her around to make her see in his eyes.Reese smiled sadly.
"I love you to Joaquin,it's just i am still scared is all."Joaquin sighed in aggervation,
then heard Ava and Deacon's laughter come from their rooms."Mommy!we are ready
for grandma to pick us up!."Reese laughed and got their lunchboxes."Here kiddos."
Ava and Deacon got there lunch and hugged Reese and Joaquin goodbye.

Later that night,Joaquin asked Reese about 20 or 30 times to marry him-but
she always shook her head no.Tonight was a tribute for Johnny and June,their
anniversary."I'm gonna make her marry me,I don't care how long it takes.I'm going
to show her that she is the one for me."Joaquin said sternly,putting his dress suit

At the tribute
Reese and Joaquin showed up hand in hand,at the tribute."Reese and Joaquin,
what are you naming the baby?."Reese,are you engaged?."Joaquin could have
hurt the reporters for wanting to know about their private lives."I believe that's our
business,not yours."Joaquin spoke firmly,he felt Reese squeeze his hand.
"Joaquin let's just go inside."Joaquin kissed her forehead and nodded.

After getting inside,Reese and Joaquin waited backstage to be called to
go up onstage.John Carter Cash was speaking."I'm glad you all could be here
tonight.My parents would be so proud.Their love was very special and rare,and i would
like to say thanks to the people that captured them so well,ladies and gentleman
welcome Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix!."

Reese came out hand in hand with Joaquin,while everyone cheered.Reese got up
to the michrophone and laughed."Gosh it seems like we done the movie not to long
ago!."Reese laughed joking.Joaquin got next to the mic."I just want to say,I am really
glad I got to play the man in black and,meeting this extroadinary beautiful woman
standing right beside me."Reese smiled sweetly at him."That's why,I'm asking you
now Reese will you marry me?."

Reese closed her eyes in aggervation."Joaquin...now is not the time or place
to say this!."Reese said with a hint of anger.Joaquin closed his eyes in agony
if she wasn't going to say yes he will probaly go insane."Baby believe me it
is the right time and place.Reese look into my eyes."Reese looked into his
eyes and began to cry."I will not hurt you,I will take care of you and the kids,
and I will love you with all my heart,I promise.Please marry me."

Joaquin whisperd he felt like he was going to have a nervous breakdown.
Reese's lips were quivering,and her hands was shaking.She wanted to say yes
...but she was too scared of getting hurt once again."Please Reese."Reese saw
a tear fall down from Joaquin's eye,and knew then how much he did love her.
"I will marry you."Reese said,with tears of joy falling down.And just like that
Joaquin changed.

His eyes showing everlasting love,and complete joy."She said yes!."Joaquin
yelled and kissed her passionatly.Everyone got up and cheered."I would pick
you up but you're too heavy!."Reese laughed through her tears and playfully
punched his chest.

The End.
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22 October 2007 @ 08:18 pm


Summary:Now He Knows How John Felt For June.

Okay i know these are based on rumors.But can't you just see the awesome and rare chemistry
these two have?i believe they became Johnny and June i know that sounds hokey pokey but im
actually serious.I have never seen such chemistry i must say.Anyway there was rumors of Joaquin
had fallen hard for Reese during filming and so this is going to be his story.Enjoy!.

Joaquin slowly got out of bed with a groan.James Mangold's voice was echoing through
his mind from yesterday,"Tomorrow you do the scene where Johnny sings i got stripes."
Joaquin walked into his kitchen and got a beer out of the fridge."I miss you River,i never
expected to play the man in black...and to fall in love."Joaquin opend the cap to his beer,
and drunk it down.If he was going to play Johnny-he would have to BE HIM.

"Where in the world is that man?."James voice shook Reese.She was beginning to get
worried...he's never been this late."Reese,has Joaq said anything to you?."Reese wiped her
sweaty palms on her floral dress and shook her head no."I don't know where he's at Jame-"I'm
here."The cast and crew looked to see a very dazed and drunken Joaquin come in with his guitar.
"Alright James,let's do this."James looked at Reese,and saw the fear and worry in her eyes.
James slowly walked up to Joaquin."Joaq...i think you need some rest,you don't look to well."

Joaquin waved his hand and slurred his words."Nah I'm okay,let's just do it."
Joaquin started strumming his guitar and started singing...actually slurring.Joaquin
looked at the people in front of the stage and saw they were giving him weird looks.
Joaquin felt like he was going to collapse.

He stopped singing and held onto the michrophone-for support."Stop!filming now!."
Joaquin could barley hear James voice,except one certain voice that was coming
closer to him.Joaquin looked into the most beautiful blue eyes he has ever seen.
"Honey,you need to lay down."Reese told him calmly putting a hand on his arm.
Joaquin looked at her lips and so badly wanted to kiss her.Joaquin slowly nodded
and quickly fell down on the stage."Oh my gosh Joaquin!we need to do something."
Before passing out,Joaquin thought he heard Reese almost crying.

Joaquin slowly opend his eyes to see Reese looking over her script.Joaquin looked
around his surroundings."Where am i at Reese?."Reese looked at Joaquin-mad.
"We're backstage,you passed out i told James i would keep an eye on you."

Joaquin looked at Reese-almost pleading for her to come to him and take
the pain away.Reese slammed her script down and sat down on the couch
where Joaquin was laying."You lied to me Joaquin...you told me you would
stop drinking before we stopped filming."

Joaquin could tell the hurt and sadness in her eyes,and it made him sick
for lying to her...but she doesn't know why he really does drink.Reese put a
gentle hand over his."Joaquin tell me...how i can help you,i hate seeing you
like this."Joaquin didn't know what he was doing it was like he wasn't himself
no more.He slowly put a hand on her face and whisperd,"Be with me then."
Reese widend her eyes and let go of him.Reese just realized that she was part
of his drinking.And it scared her.She never did want to imitate art.

Joaquin sighed in sorrow,and ran his hands through his tousled hair.
"Reese...i will promise you this i will go to rehab after all of this...for you."
Reese picked up her script and headed out.

Joaquin closed his eyes,and let the tears fall.He has never felt like this
before.He shouldn't be in love with a married woman that has the perfect
family image.Joaquin looked for his beer only to see that it was in the trashcan.
Joaquin knew who threw it away-it was Reese,she was so damn protective of him
that she threw his beer away.That's when Joaquin decided to go to rehab.For her.

A year went by,and Joaquin was still pining for her.He tried everything to get her
off his mind-but nothing was working.He tried being with other girls,he tried just
about everything except the beer...he promised her and he didn't want to break that.He
missed her...missed seeing her angel face.He thought about her just about everyday-
even when he was working...he didn't know if he would ever be able to get her out of
his system.

Just then Joaquin's cellphone started ringing."Hello?.""Hey Joaq."It was Reese.
"I just wanted to call and say hi,and see if you're doing okay after that accident."
Joaquin sighed happy.She called to see if he was alright."I"m fine Reese,better
now that you have called."He could hear Reese's sweet laughter and it made him weak
in the knee's.Oh how he wished Reese was standing in front of him right now."Oh and i
also delieverd you a gift...it's not much bit i thought you might like it."Joaquin grinned.
"I'll be sure to like it.""Well i'm glad you are alright Joaquin i gotta pick the kids up from
school,I guess i will see you at the awards right?."

"You sure will.""Great!goodbye Joaquin.""Bye Reese."

Oh how he hated to get off there,he could listen to her voice everyday.
He was looking forward to the awards.

After The Oscars
Joaquin came bursting in his Beverly hills home with his hands to his head-
in agony."Damnit!!."Joaquin yelled in a sudden rage.He picked up a book he
was currently reading from last night and threw it against the wall.

"Stop Joaquin...stop yourself."Joaquin told hisself.He finally sat down and
remeberd what happend at the oscars.Joaquin caught a glimpse of Reese
holding her oscar and laughing with Ryan and her friends."Hey!."Reese
looked up at him startled."Hey!."Joaquin leaned into her ear and whisperd,
"Can we talk somewhere private?"

Reese slowly gave a nod and followed Joaquin.When they were finally
alone Joaquin stood close to her...perhaps maybe to close.Reese laughed
nervously."I wish you won Joaquin...it doesn't seem right to me."Joaquin
put his hands on Reese's arms,and gently rubbed them.Reese looked at
Joaquin weirdly.Joaquin wasn't in control no more.He kissed Reese with such
passion that she almost dropped her oscar.Reese pulled back and looked away
from him."You can't keep doing this Joaquin...im married."Joaquin bit his bottom
lip and walked away.

Joaquin closed his eyes in pain.What did she expect?him to just forget her...hell
he didn't know if he could.So overwhelmed Joaquin picked up the phone and called
his We Own The Night co star.

"Hey Eva...can you come over and rehearse our lines together?.""Great see you then."
Joaquin knew he shouldn't be doing this...but he needed relief.The next few weeks went by
and Joaquin hasn't spoke to Reese since that event occured at the oscars.Heck he didn't
know if she ever wanted to talk to him ever again.But...he didn't know how he would cope with that
he...cared for her to much.

"I can't believe you!,you just want a freaking fling!and dump me like I'm trash!."Joaquin
looked at Katie annoyed."Did you really think it would last Katie?come on."Joaquin
got up from the diner table,and saw people was staring.He didn't care though,the reason
why he had Katie Parfet for was because she reminded him of Reese.

Joaquin went out the door-acting calm and cool."Joaquin!tell me why we are breaking up
for!i thought you wanted a real relationship!."Joaquin turned around and laughed bitterly.
"Not with you...sorry Katie you're not the girl."Joaquin took out a cigeratte and smoked-
to keep his mind off things for even a little bit.Joaquin knew one thing love is an incredible
thing,but it hurts and it can rip you apart.Just when he was walking he saw a magazine with
Reese and Ryan saying "Divorce!."Joaquin looked at it with wide eyes.

He couldn't believe it Reese...must be devastated.He couldn't help but feel a little relief...
oh gosh what was he thinking?!.He better call her to make sure she was alright.
Joaquin went home-and called Reese quickly,he couldn't wait to hear her beauitful voice.
"Hello?."Joaquin cracked a grin,even through a divorce she still sounded strong."Reese...
i heard the news,you alright?."He could hear a silence."Yes i'm okay Joaquin...i'm glad you
called."Reese laughed softly."Reese if you ever need a shoulder to cry on i'm here for you."

Reese started crying and it worried him."Reese you okay?.""Joaquin...i'm so sorry but-i
think it's best if we didn't talk ever again.I'm sorry but i can't deal with all of these emotions...

Joaquin let the phone drop to the floor with a thud.Joaquin slowly went to his bedroom,
hunched over he felt like his legs were going to give in while walking but he had the walls
to support him.When Joaquin got in his bedroom he collapsed.His heart was finally torn
in two-it hurt so much that Joaquin sobbed.Joaquin saw the toy car that Reese gave him on
his nightstand and picked it up with shaky fingers.He looked at it with tears falling down.
"I hate that i love you so so much."

It's been about 8 or to 10 months since Joaquin has ever seen Reese...and she
still has something over him that he couldn't escape.He has heard that she is now
with Jake,good for him and...her even thought it kills him everytime he hears about
them."he's tried to stay strong,but secretly he has been drinking again but he has
been watching himself sometimes he gets to drunk.

"Hey Joaq isn't this party awesome?!."One of Joaquin's friends yelled over the music
and people yelling.Joaquin took a drink of beer and nodded."Yeah!it really is."His friend
laughed and went to get more beer.Joaquin just wanted to stay there and drink his pain away,
watch people have fun instead of him.

Just then a Johnny Cash song started playing-Walk the Line.Joaquin started laughing.
"Oh come on,tell me this is a dream!."Joaquin yelled.But weirdly Joaquin felt like Johnny
was comforting him somehow."Now i know how feel about June,Johnny."Joaquin whisperd,
broken inside.
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