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04 August 2008 @ 08:08 pm
There is some pain in love that never leaves. It sucks your soul in and it kills everything in its path. This pain is loneliness. Being in a crowd of hundreds you can still feel it. Its like living your whole life with out air. Reese felt this every day. Joaquin felt it too. They both had known pain and unhappiness. Reese was going through a very public and messy divorce. Headlines rang out “Did Ryan cheat on Reese?” Joaquin lost his brother in such a public and awful way. Friends, family , and loved ones tried to comfort each one. But no words no gifts could heal the pain in a heart that’s broken. These two grew close during walk the line. Whenever Joaquin felt himself drowning into his work, Reese was their to bale him out. She was their to set him free from all the pain and the demons of the past. When Reese felt insecure or when she got too bullheaded Joaquin was their to joke and make her smile. They became friends and partners in crime. After all the awards and all the accolades, they walked away. But something stayed inside both of them. They could never understand it. Joaquin tried to be with other women, and other models. But he compared them to Reese. Reese tried seeing other stars, and actors. But none made them her feel whole like Joaquin. She say another costar. She was happy, but like Johnny and june you can only deny love for so long. But unlike john and june, these two didn’t need a few years to realized this. No, it only took three years, to finally realize that the person they loved the most, was each other. It wasn’t till The Oscars that things started finally happening for these two.

Jenniferlittlemisstexas on August 5th, 2008 02:05 am (UTC)
What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing it. : ) ♥